Also called a Monolith or Totem, it is a tall, free-standing signage that rises above its surroundings to provide maximum visibility for your business. It includes a sturdy metal structure, clad with an aluminum or ACP face, and content that can be either backlit or externally illuminated.

Equipped with the knowledge to engineer these large signs, both from a structural integrity and installation standpoint, we have manufactured and installed hundreds of pylons till date.
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Building Sign

Be it a box signage or 3D channel letters, these signages are fixed on the fascia of your building and are an effective way to announce your business. Various options are possible for base materials and treatment of the content and lighting.

1 ft – 123 ft wide is the range of ACP box signages we have produced and 0.5 ft – 18 ft tall is the range of channel letter signages we have produced, with materials ranging from Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Acrylic, and others. So whatever your requirement, we have got you covered.
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Monument / Architectural Sign

These floor mounted signages can be designed in different ways and are a sure-shot way to enhance the visibility of your business and your landscape.

We call these pieces of art, not signages. This is where we can draw on our creative juices to give you a unique product that will transform the visual appeal of your space.
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Wayfinding Sign

These secondary signages within your facility can help both in guiding people and in reinforcing your brand identity. An absolute must for large spaces, external or internal.

Wayfinding is an art and a science. We say that since we have developed wayfinding solutions for many commercial and residential campuses. And that same experience is applied in producing a wayfinding signage that is not just attractive but effective.
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Indoor Sign

Your logo in the reception lobby, id signs for workspaces, washrooms & amenities within the office area, branding & communication via wall graphics or frosted decals for cabins, there are various types of internal signs to meet both functional and aesthetic requirements
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