Signage design

From illuminated wall signs and eye-catching window graphics to the essential guideposts and blade signs pedestrians know well, good signage design and environmental graphics go a long way in both informing us and welcoming us in.

And while everyone has their own idea of what makes for a creative masterpiece, when you’re looking at a specific type of work, there are a few key ingredients – The Right Information, Pleasing Aesthetics, Brand connection & Good legibility which we believe are essential.

The I- O Sign advantage of manufacturing Signs designed by ourselvesowing to our ability to foresee constraints in either construction of the sign or material workability at the Design stage itself. This helps us in ensuring that the Design intent translates to the Product during manufacturing. & Installation.

Wayfinding Study

Simply put, Way finding helps people, whether on foot or in vehicles to successfully navigate through a place without having to ask anybody or getting confused. Our experience & capability helps in developing an understanding of a given space and designing way finding signs keeping in the mind the needs of the space and people behaviour.

Signage Manual

A Signage manual is an important aspect of any corporate identity program. Its most important purpose is to put together a coherent yet flexible system for developing Signages for any company while retaining the brand identity of the company / institution.

We have experience in developing these Signage manuals which have helped companies & institutions scale up and expand their operations without worrying about standardization or non adherence to brand standards.

Installation & Maintenance

Installation capability is a critical criterion for customers to select Sign manufacturers to work with. At I-O Sign, we have over several years now managed to hone our capability to execute complex installations of very large signs on difficult surfaces& locations Our strength is in compliance to the Quality assurance & Safety requirements, using material and protective equipment, tools, personal protective equipment, precisely locating signs and more importantly planning and preparing for the installation work.